your anxiety toolbox

Anxiety Introduction

To understand and gain knowledge about anxiety is the first step in healing. When you learn that anxiety is a feeling and not something to battle it makes dealing with the symptoms more manageable as you recover. 

Functional Nutrition 

Sometimes anxiety is not the root problem, but a symptom to another issue or deficiency. Click here to learn more about Functional Nutrition and the gut-brain connection. Coaching is available for this deep dive into your health and getting you the answers to your symptoms

Muscle Testing 


When you learn to muscle test, you are able to get "unstuck" from the emotional and physical issues that create symptoms. This incredible method can give you answers to both anxiety problems and also the nutritional issues you may be dealing with.

Tapping (EFT)


Tapping/EFT can reduce their anxiety symptoms and also get to the root cause of those symptoms. This easy to learn method is a stand-alone tool for anxiety or works well in tandem with muscle testing.


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