About Lucie 

Lucie truly believes anxiety is a blessing.

It took time for Lucie to see the goodness in anxiety, but she really believes anxiety can be viewed as something sent to help us. 

Lucie Dickenson is a seeker of knowledge that holds smiles and laughter up as true medicine. After years of crippling anxiety, OCD, allergies, psoriasis, chemical sensitivities and postpartum issues she found that her mindset was at the core of all her issues. To truly heal and set herself free she needed an entirely new perspective on life. Once Luce was able to look at life with a positive outlook, and a little humor she was able to call on her inner strength, kick some ass and get better.​​​​​.

Lucie is a certified EFT coach (tapping) and the creator of the 3-Steps To Freedom Method. She is also a certified Functional Nutrition Coach, taught by the renowned Andrea Nakayama, and certified at the Functional Nutrition Lab. Lucie also holds a certification in mental health first aid.. Her experience with excruciating anxiety coupled with her certifications are a great balance of understanding and compassion with clear, concise coaching steps.to help you overcome anxiety. 


"I believe that we are all here to help one another be the best we can be." 


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