About Lucie 

I truly believe anxiety is a blessing.

It took time to get me to see the goodness in anxiety, but I really believe the anxiety can be viewed as something sent to help us. 

My writing is full of the before, during and after that helped me get from feeling horrible to healthy. Family, faith, friends and fun also were part of the solution. I truly hope that my book, blogs and articles inspire you. And my wish is that the muscle testing workshops and retreats strengthen you and help you move away from fear and into love.

After years of crippling anxiety, allergies, chemical sensitivities and post-partum issues I found that my mindset was at the core of my issues. To truly heal and set myself free I needed an entirely new perspective on life. Once I was able to look at life with a positive outlook, I was able to call on my inner strength, kick some ass and get better.​​​​​​

I am a certified EFT coach and creator of the 3-Steps To Freedom Method. I am also a certified Functional Nutrition Coach and certified in mental health first aid. I believe that we are all here to help one another be the best we can be. My hope is that something you read on my site, blogs and in my book leads you in the direction of healing, health and happiness.  

Love Always, Lucie 

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