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Thanks for stopping by to say hello...this site has lots of info about anxiety, allergies and sensitivities. My books, my blog and my business all have a common goal: to raise awareness and help peeps overcome their struggles.
 I went from being bed bound to the author of my life... and a few books. Take a look around & I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment or a review. Thank you and have a wonderful day...
Love Always, Lucie
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“It made me laugh. It made me cry. On some level, there is a part of Lucie we can all relate to. I could not bring myself to put this book down!”

“If you or someone you love is dealing with anxiety, this is the book!”

“A MUST read! Lucie manages to capture every thought and inner struggle those of us who suffer from anxiety think and feel. Her story is told in an honest and humorous voice that erases the stigma of being a person who has an anxiety disorder.”

Lucie Dickenson is a bestselling author,

speaker and anxiety expert. 

She believes that anxiety is a blessing

that can teach us to trust ourselves.

As we learn to trust our powerful self,

anxiety no longer serves a purpose in our life.


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Copy of Copy of #1 New Release.png
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