What if...

         Anxiety is in your life because it is leading you to your gifts? 

          Anxiety is creating chaos so you can find your inner strength?

          Anxiety is guiding you to feed yourself good thoughts and nutritious food? 

          Anxiety is holding a sacred space for you to fill with love & joy?               

My name is Lucie Dickenson and I can help you

get from feeling anxious to feeling fabulous. 

Don't let more time pass without having the tools to get well.

One more day is too long

This does not need to be a life long battle

It is your time. 

You got this. 

You have always had it. 

I just help you remember. 

One Minute


One minute tips can help you calm your symptoms and help you move from panic to peace. Use these videos again and again to help retrain your brain. 

 Lucie's one-minute tips was recently featured on the Tamron Hall Show


The Anxious Hippie

"Raw, real, heartbreaking and funny, this book puts you into the heartbeat of an anxious person... Its' not only helpful for those suffering with anxiety but it could be a great tool for someone trying to understand what a loved one with anxiety is going through. "

Anxiety Coaching/Programs

You deserve to feel well. I have been there I know what anxiety can do to you and the world around you. Contact me and let's begin to get you from feeling trapped inside your own body and mind to feeling free and ready to live the life of your dreams. 

Anxiety Help Toolbox

Free resources and healing methods to help you begin to heal not just the symptoms, but the root cause of the anxiety that you are experiencing.Why you have anxiety is unique to you and these tools can help you find your unique way to heal. 

Lucie Dickenson is a

successful author, speaker and coach

She believes that anxiety is a blessing

that teaches us to trust ourselves.

As we learn to trust our powerful self,

anxiety no longer serves a purpose.in our life.


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It Is time

Hey Anxiety...

talk to the booty.

It is time to reclaim your

inside beauty. 

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