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Feeling Anxiety During This Pandemic?

We may be feeling much more stress than normal

or even anxiety and panic for the first time.

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Overreacting: a memoir of anxious proportions

“Raw, real, heartbreaking, and funny, this book puts you into the heartbeat of an anxious person. Anxiety may be the theme of Overreacting, but the emotions Lucie experiences are universal. There is no “neat tie it up in a bow” ending with a prescription to make you better. Lucie’s message is one of embracing (not fixing) who you are, while allowing yourself to change and grow.”

- Jennifer Tuma-Young, Inspired Girl Books


Lucie Dickenson is a successful author and speaker. 

She believes that anxiety is a blessing that teaches us to trust ourselves.

As we learn to trust our powerful self, anxiety no longer serves a our life.

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30-Day Anxiety Support Program

Launches on April 6 2020 Online

A 30 Day Program  that you can begin anytime to help you let go of symptoms and get to the root cause of your anxiety



Anxiety Help Now!

My book is available in paperback and also e-book form. If you need some anxiety help right now, it can be downloaded instantly. Click now!  

Tapping (EFT)


Easy to learn!

Tapping can reduce their anxiety symptoms and also get to the root cause of those symptoms. Click to learn more


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